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Self Isolation: An opportunity to grow and become a better you

The world is facing an unprecedented health crisis and we are compelled to stay within the four walls of our home to protect ourselves and contribute to stop the spread of coronavirus. However, this enforced isolation does bring many gifts with it and gives us the opportunity to slow down and use our free time to give to the world the best of our ourselves.

Before the crisis, we were too busy working, meeting tight schedules, attending workshops and following training sessions. Every day we had been racing against time to take care of our family and establish contact with our old friends and relatives.. Now that Nature has forced us to sit back and reflect, it is the perfect time to strengthen family ties, pray more deeply, make time to reconnect with our old friends and help an elderly neighbour, for instance. Some can think of those they have hurt and make amends accordingly because life is short and we cannot build anything good or concrete on hatred and grudges..

Self isolation is the perfect time to read inspirational books, think deeply and pray with all our heart. We can serve our community better and add value to the existence of others. We can develop our talents and skills by engaging ourselves in activities which brighten up our day and make our heart sing. Those who enjoy cooking can try new recipes. Those who have enough space in their yard can start growing vegetables and plants. Others can invent new products, learn a foreign language online or start new business ventures which will be of service to society.

Many of Jane Austen’s novels were written in seclusion as her health condition was very bad in the last few years of her life. This is the period when she wrote Pride and Prejudice. Subsequently, she was acclaimed as a famous writer and gained international recognition. Sir Isaac Newton self isolated himself on his family’s farm during an outbreak of plague in the cities.. There was also an acute shortage of food and many London residents died of the disease. Newton used his free time to focus on his work and devised the theory of gravity and the laws of motion.

During these difficult times, the number of people offering their services online as vegetable sellers, restaurateurs or others has increased significantly. Much is being said about the negative socio-economic impact of coronavirus. The future seems bleak and uncertain and unemployment is looming large. People are afraid of losing their jobs. Surprisingly, just as goes the saying lotuses grow in muddy waters, a network of entrepreneurs can emerge out of this invisible enemy. Mauritians are resourceful people and many times they have shown resilience in adversity. The post Covid-19 period is no exception to the rule.  

Avail of your free time to unlock your potential and creativity. Make time to show your love and consideration to others. This self isolation will make you become confident, powerful and better.   

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