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Covid-19: Attracting the boon after the bane as an employee- By Altaaf Patel

The news of the lockdown initiation would harbinger an obscure avenue and unknown indefinite future, for many of us were on our way back home, unaware how our life is going to be on the following day, manifesting an oscillation between fear and uncertainty. 3 Cases were announced at that time and now, after more than one month, we have encountered more than 300 cases and more than 200 recovery among those. The news of the flattened curve proves how the enactment of confinement by each person can be worthwhile. The declining rate of this invisible enemy did not happen by luck, but by an individual effort leading to a collective fruition.

The light at the end of the tunnel appears to be attainable and the world we were entrenched in does not look far away anymore. However, this crisis period and the remaining confinement days should be paradigmatic regarding how we live our days after this epoch. This uncharted period we were in has prompted a fear of the near future we no longer have control on, especially for a wide array of pillar industries of Mauritius, such as Tourism, Import & Export and BPO.

As employees, we cannot mitigate the financial downfall after this crisis and predict if it will make our company cut our salary for a time period, motivate us to take unpaid leave or even lay us off. The proliferation of the virus is in control but the negative shift in mindset that has propagated can prove to be worse.

The cyclone cannot be weakened but our refuge can be reinforced!

With the amount of time we still have left, a focus plan on how we can get back to our old life as an exuberant person, irrespective on the external factors we are not in power of changing, will surely result in a transmogrified reality.

  • Hone your craft

Every person is the craftsman of his future, whether he hone it himself or allow fate to do it. Find out what you are or want to be good at and take the time to shape it into your life. Wake up with the intent of learning new things daily in the remaining confinement period.

Also take this opportunity to jump back into your life with new habits that you always wanted to attach to but could not due to external circumstances. Whether it is the time you wanted to allocate towards reading, the moment you wanted to spend with your family or the gym membership you were paying for but could not commit to. Pivot your purpose towards living a meaningful life.

  • Be a jack of all trades

In this unpredictable subsequent end of the lockdown period, the working environment will be volatile. The new “Stay at home” economy and its effect can be protracted to an undefined period. It is primordial to be attuned and deviously go through it. Being willing to learn, unlearn & relearn is a worthy characteristic to nurture. Change is inevitable, being adaptive to it is doable.

Making use of the multifarious communication means while maintaining social distancing is no more alien. Embolden your friends with your field of study while they do the same to you. This is the time where we need to be good at many things instead of great at one thing. This is the starting stage to be a polymath and great at many things.

  • The Stockdale Paradox

This paradox entails a psychological duality and bring forth that there must be a stoical acceptance of the brutal facts of reality on one hand and on the other, maintain a faith that you will prevail as a great employee, whatever the challenges. Premised on a research by Jim Collins and depicted in his landmark book, this mindset will allow you to have a realistic approach, with an optimistic belief in mind.

Believe that there will be prevalence over this crisis, while adopting optimism and long-term vision, without obfuscating the brutality attached to the reality. Let this develop resilience in you and live to fight the coming days with fervor.

Having started as a concealed Chinese outbreak, the morphosis towards being a pandemic was quick. The need of the hour at this moment is greater than any other time to get through the post-effects of Covid-19. Humans of Mauritius have the ingenuity and resilience to accomplish the impossible, especially as a team (While keeping a distance for some more time). Make this black swan event an opportunity to find the blue-chip idea that will fix it for your company. The wheel has already been invented and just need fixation with innovation, Let’s do it!

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