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Practice Self-Love and spread positivity around you- By Hajrah Juman

One of the many challenges that individuals encounter in their daily lives is appreciating themselves and being thankful for their precious existence. Many beings are experiencing insecurity as an outcome of a rise in excessive exposure through social media. Feeling inferior or unattractive in their own skin, despite the fact that social media only shows one side of the story.  

It may be tough to nurture and cultivate a healthy relationship with yourself at first. We are all surrounded by many kinds of challenges and obligations (job, relationships, health, friendship, and so on). Nevertheless, we keep going, doing our best every day.

Still, we persevere, trying our best day by day because we have a belief in ourselves. We are willing to give it our all. Be proud of your success stories, no matter how tiny they are!

Create time for yourself, fill your mental space with positive energy, and surround yourself with those who inspire you to become better than you were yesterday. Help people and consistently express gratitude to others. Practicing self-love has to be on top of your priority list, grow flowers on your mind until it becomes a garden.

From a bundle of Bliss!

Hajrah, a young self-author paving her way and on the verge of launching her first book- embarking on a journey of self-love and poetry.

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