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World Animal Day- By Muskaan Moideen

 Everyday should be Animals’ day. Those beings deserve respect and love on a daily basis. As far as strays are concerned, I have noticed that many people are organising food collects and sterilisation campaigns on the 4th October. This is a kind gesture but we should keep in mind that animals need our help on a daily basis and not just when it’s only “their day”. Animals do not have a voice to express their pain but that does not mean that we have the right to make them suffer. We must be their voice, we are capable of taking action so we should!

 Simple acts such as giving our leftovers to a dog or leaving a water bowl behind for a cat can save a life. Not only strays suffer, some pet owners keep certain animals purely for show off purposes and morally the animals are not well-kept but instead are neglected mentally. We can often see humans chaining their cats/dogs or keeping certain parrots in a cage all the time. How would we feel if the same treatment is meted out to us? Even livestock or basic farm animals are not to be mistreated. The embarkation and disembarkation of those animals can often be cruel and many die in the process. Some farms are overcrowded and animals have no space to grow, live and trot.

 Torture of innocent lives for the sake of money is sad and cruel. Not to forget that horses go through a lot of pain by some if not all, racing enthusiasts. It seems that some people do not have feelings and animals’ life and well being do not matter to them.

An example is the recent Saturday when the race course was sabotaged for no genuine reason. I could go on to elaborate to what extent people show cruelty to animals. But why? Some people purposely want to harm those innocent lives? I can come to an understanding with the fact that not everyone likes animals but then the solution is to leave them alone. If you kill someone, you will be punished by law. Well in my opinion, the same rule should apply for the death of our furry, feathered or even scaled friends. World Animal Day should not just be today, it should be everyday.

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