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(Blog) My story about animals- by Muskaan Moideen

Animals ! Some people adore them and others not so much. I love animals passionately thanks to the animal lovers in my family, my nanima and aunty Nadoushkah Moideen. My surroundings were always welcoming towards pets. Growing up I always had a pet and my hobby since the age of 4 has been and still is horse riding. Naturally, I have developed empathy towards these creatures.

 I now have three cats, two bunnies, two fishes, a blue Indian ringneck and a grasshopper. Yes you read that right, I own a pet grasshopper. My cats were rescued and after seeing the love and care given to them, they grew to become fellow family members. My grasshopper was also rescued; I found him with a missing leg and decided to take him in until it grows back. Somehow the little insect probably knew that I helped it and had no fear of humans whatsoever and actually enjoys pets and cuddles. I love every type of animal but I will admit that I had a big fear of insects until I met my grasshopper and the need to help it overcame my fear. Now, I am no longer fearful and I can proudly say that I can’t handle any creature.

I would also like to mention that I was allergic to animals. No, not your casual runny nose. Instead, I contracted a dangerous bronchitis. The doctor offered me two choices: to either get rid of my cats or stay sick eternally. I was heartbroken but then I consulted a couple of other medical experts and I learnt a bit more about our immune system. To fight the allergy I gave up on every sort of medication and instead of staying away from my cats, I stayed with them in my room for a week, I practised horse riding more and more and proceeded with brushing and bathing the horses after training. Gradually, my immune system grew stronger and now I am no longer allergic to my furry friends.

That was a summary of my story but coming to the main point, I have seen many people illtreat animals for no reason. Even if some have given me a reason like “oh the dog is sitting here“ or “that cat keeps coming for food”, I think that these reasons are not justified to chase these creatures. All they are trying to do is survive.

Surviving in this cruel world as a human is hard enough now put yourself in the place of animals. Some of them are getting wet in the rain on a daily basis, they are scared to leave their children behind while going to hunt for some food, others come back home to their family dead or poisoned by cruel people.

Can you imagine that happening to you and your family?

Animals have feelings just like us. So better think twice before you throw a rock at a dog or before you put poison in a cat’s food. I have rescued cats, dogs, insects, birds and even reptiles. Chameleons to be precise. And believe me, I do see gratitude in every single one’s eyes. If people are annoyed that stray dogs or cats are bothering them then why don’t they take the initiative to help them. Help them, give them a home, adopt them or donate for the cause of animals. God is great. You will reap the fruits of your good deeds sooner or later.

There are wonderful people in our country doing an amazing job in helping these creatures. Groups and pages on Facebook namely Cat/Dog Adoption Mauritius and much more were created for their sake. A lot has been done but a lot remains to be done. These cats and dogs really need our help. Please, I humbly request every Mauritian to come forward and help. « Lamain dans Lamain nous Capav fer ene Changement et Aide sa ban Zanimo la »

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