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Message to job seekers by Zaheera Bhuheekhan

To all job seekers around the world, in search of a decent job to provide for themselves and their family, I advise them not to give up. We are presently living an unprecedented sanitary crisis and this should not make us feel low spirited. It is in adversity that we discover our potential and strength.

Most of us feel bad when we lose our jobs or when we are not selected for interviews. However, we should definitely have faith and trust that better days are yet to come. The Creator is the best planner who will shape our destiny. All we have to do is to cultivate a positive attitude.

Sometimes, just to acquire experience, we are compelled to choose a job which does not meet our expectations. Waiting for the perfect job is not a wise decision. If we are patient enough, the time will come when the right opportunities will arise and we will get a job that suits our qualifications and aptitude.

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