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OPINION: Living a meaningful life matters

When an individual leaves this world for the heavenly abode, people usually reflect on his passage on earth. They sadly miss him for the contribution he has made to the world, the way he treated those around him, the values he stood for and his willingness to donate to good causes and reach out to those who needed help and support in times of crisis The dead are not remembered for their social status, the wealth they have accumulated over the years, their fat bank balance, the number of properties they owned, the lavish lifestyle they led, the armada of servants who were at their beck and call, the luxurious cars they travelled in or the high profile jobs they occupied.  However, people will always treasure their good deeds, refined manners, the difference they  made in others’ life, their ability to forgive, their generous spirit and to what extent they used their skills and knowledge to improve the living conditions of others and build a better society. Life is short and so why not live for a purpose and put a smile on the face of others? Everyone is endowed with unique talents and has the ability to make each day count and add meaning to the existence of others. It is much easier and more pleasant to be a person of value, live an authentic and humble life and make those around us happy rather than miserable.

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