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Coronavirus: A blessing in disguise (By Afsheen Nobeebux)

 Coronavirus is a blessing in disguise as it is helping man to redefine the priorities of his life. It is said, in some online blogs, that Coronavirus was created by China to initiate World War III. America is now the most affected country in terms of loss of lives and the impact on its economy. Being in control is human nature. Hence, it can be said that it was expected that China would do anything to be back to its No. 1 position.

There are too many situations which can be described about how life goes on during the normal course of time. But during this crisis, what happens to the different classes of people? Does money come to their rescue or is it the basic necessities of life?

But instead of learning this life lesson, human beings are behaving and reacting in questionable ways. What went wrong in our upbringing that despite this uncontrollable crisis against this invisible beer-virus instead of being kind to each other and helping each other out, we are actually panic buying and leaving none of the basics for others.  We are making fortune over the misery of so many. The survival instincts of animals are far much better than ours, mankind, the most evolved species on the globe. Shouldn’t we be ashamed?

Time has stopped since 20 March 2020 and we have been given the opportunity to take all the chances we have missed throughout our life. The blame game should stop no matter which country has started this pandemic. The Government is doing its best to protect the population.. Shouldn’t we, as proud Mauritians, do our best to support the Government in this war (despite different political views – this isn’t the time to take sides)?

This is the moment to be grateful for having a roof over our head, food on the table and our family close to us under this lockdown. Stop comparing your life to what you constantly see on social media because believe me or not, we are all living in a world where ups and downs are part and parcel of life. Absolute happiness does not exist.. And the best one among us is the one who decides to concentrate on the solutions of his/her problems and take a stand for himself.

Stop what you’re doing and think. What have you done for the past 22 days since the start of the lockdown to be happy? To be in peace with your past and yourself? To make up for  the mistakes you’ve committed in the past? To bring your family closer to you?  To be yourself?

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