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Yasheena Raghonnundun Noajee: From a charity volunteer to Mrs Mauritius Universe

Yasheena  Raghonnundun Noajee ’s life has been a testament to her long time charity and philanthropic work in the areas of gender equality, education, and diversity. She is a humanitarian advocate who is motivated by the belief that each and every one must contribute in social and benevolent activities for a strong community and a vibrant and prosperous Mauritius. She is a woman with integrity and substance, who is leading by example. She is a female role model. She is a great community activist with grounded principles and beliefs. She contributes a lot in social and benevolent activities for the country.


Like Kofi Annan, She believes that “When women are fully involved, the benefits can be seen immediately: families are healthier; they are better fed; their income, savings and reinvestment go up. And what is true of families is true of communities and eventually, whole countries.” She chairs the Women of Wonders (WOW) Foundation, an organization working for the emancipation and empowerment of women in Mauritius with objective to promote a healthy life & attitude among women of all ages with a platform to share, communicate and grow in each and every areas of their lives through developing programs that empower and inspire them to embrace their power, purpose, value and contribute to the society. In 2017, She has been awarded among the ‘100 most influential women in Mauritius’ and this year in 2019, she has been nominated for the ‘Outstanding young person award by the JCI Mauritius in the category of humanitarian Leadership. She is also the ambassadress for many good cause campaigns and was the corporate ambassadress for the Air Mauritius Advertising campaign 2016/2017, where she featured on several billboards and newspapers. Her achievements speak for her intellect, talent and courage. As profession, Yasheena is a Training and Development Consultant and she served as a Communication Trainer at the Ecole Hoteliere Sir Gaetan Duval Mauritius Institute of Training and Development.


She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of education, training and consultancy as she started her career in the field of education and training at a very young age and after completing her MBA in Human Resource and Knowledge management, she had now been upgraded to consultancy services and doing her research in human resource development and organizational psychology. She said : “I feel blessed, honored and privileged to be Mrs Mauritius Universe and to represent my country for the grand finale Mrs Universe which will be held in China in December. It’s like a dream being accomplished for me to represent my country, Mauritius, not only as a paradise island but as a country that values and treasures women’s leadership & women’s excellency. Participating in a beauty contest of MRS was not an easy task, because as a wife, mother, daughter, sister, professional, philanthropist, I have to handle different aspects of life and play multiple roles at the same time. But I must say that women have been blessed by God with the power to be multitasked’. She added: ‘The Mrs Mauritius crown is a symbol of unparalleled pulchritude and enduring advocacy.


To underscore and remind the Mrs Mauritius titleholders the responsibilities that come with this crown, Lady Bacha, designed a charity program to help the underprivileged children and empower women. It embodies a broader meaning of “Beauties for a Cause”. And as a humanitarian advocate, its an opportunity for me to extend the charity and philanthropy works that I am actually doing on more prestigious platform. So, being a woman of dignity, with principles and values, I pledge in fulfilling the responsibilities of the crown that I am wearing and commit myself to serve as an ambassador to my country’.

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