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(VIDEO) Chee-Peng Tan: “Mauritius must establish a Smart Industry Readiness Index”

According to Chee-Peng Tan, i4.0 capacity building specialist and Leadership 4.0 developer, at the initiative of the i4.0 Masterclass to be held on October 25 at Intercontinental Resort- Mauritius must endeavour to establish a SMART Industry Readiness Index to accelerate its digital transition, and spearhead the continent’s Agenda 2063 attainment specifically in SDG8 and SDG9. This should enable the authorities to identify the shortcomings of our growth-enhancing economic sectors and better enabling the companies – LLCs and SMEs alike – most vulnerable to the major changes expected in the face of the fourth industrial revolution.


“Mauritius must sensitize all its productive sectors to the huge opportunities – the seldom highlighted upside of i4.0. For the many companies who have started the planning process, many do not know where and how to start“, therein lies the pressing need to have a guiding principle framework to encourage companies to embrace and leverage from digital transformation, Chee-Peng further emphasized.“As we embark on the Mauritius SMART Industry Readiness Index (SIRI), let’s collaborate widely with countries that have successfully launched SIRI and learn from their multi stakeholder challenges,” advised Chee-Peng who shared two instances of Singapore and Malaysia where SIRIis becoming a multi-level catalyst for employees, companies, industries and countries to scale and advance progressively in a meaningfully sustainable value-creation manner.


For his part, Shateaum Sewpaul, General Manager of the Harel Mallac Technologies, believes that a SMART Industry Readiness Index would be beneficial to the country as it will accelerate the digital transition and improve productivity and competitiveness. our companies on the world stage. “In a context of trade war, technology is enabling the developed world to distance itself from others. If, as a nation,we want to remain competitive on the global market, we need to prepared to face the disruptive new environment awaiting us with the digital revolutional ready upon us. HMT supports the i4.0 Masterclass initiative aimed at strengthening the capabilities of Mauritian companies.”


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